Last month — in the wake of 2 near-tragedies, when Westport youths suffered cardiac arrests but were saved by Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) — “06880” reported on a fundraising initiative.

The Adam Greenlee Foundation — named for a Bedford Middle School student brought back to life — partnered with the Westport School District and Westport PAL. The goal was to install AEDs at all Westport public school athletic fields and gyms. Their goal was $50,000.

They did not raise it.

Instead, they blew past that mark. The total amount donated was $87,837.

  Adam Greenlee’s life was saved at Bedford Middle School, by an AED, CPR and the quick actions of staff members. He displays a very important message.

Thanks to the generosity of so many Westporters, The Adam Greenlee Foundation will donate 75 AEDs to the schools and PAL.

      17 AEDs for athletic fields and recess areas will be mounted in outdoor cases.

     26 AEDs for indoor use will be installed in school gyms and other important locations.

     22 portable AEDs, with travel cases, will be given to schools for use on field trips and sporting events outside Westport.

     10 portable AEDs, with travel cases, will be given to PAL for use at athletic events outside Westport.

All indoor and portable AEDs will be distributed to the schools in the next 2 weeks. They’ll be installed in cabinets, and ready when staff and students return from the holidays. The outdoor units will be installed before the fields reopen this spring.

David Ingber, and Judy and Alan Panzer, helped immensely with the campaign.

René and Adam Greenlee give great thanks to the Westport community. “Your donations will save lives!” they say.

You can’t ask for a better holiday gift than that.

(Donations are always welcome to the Adam Greenlee Foundation. To help — and learn more — click on The Adam Greenlee Foundation is partnered with the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, allowing all donations to be tax-deductible and ensuring that 100% of all donations go directly toward the purchase AED’s and training.)

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